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  1. Cheers! the radified link you gave me looks like a helpfull site. I see they even have a guide for the Norton Ghost programme which I heard is very helpfull. Thanks again Mark!
  2. Hi guys! So I just bought my wife a new pc. Now I'm faced with the problem on how to transfer all her data from her old pc to the new one. Ideally I would like to install her old hard drive into the new pc, make it the master, install windows on it and then just move her data to the other hard drive. Is this possible? If so, how is it done? And then on a subject of partition, how is this done? I know the diskmgmt.msc command to get to your partitions, but from there I am clueless. All help is much apprheciated.
  3. It is unfair that some people gets to be this good.
  4. ok, this is what the free command tells me: total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 256080 246620 9460 0 19112 79716 -/+ buffers/cache: 147792 108288 Swap: 257032 34288 222744 Is that good?
  5. thanx guys! will have a look.
  6. Hi guys! Well, when I am on the internet, linux just slows up. And it is not that I am opening any heavy applications. Even just opening my mail is sometimes slow. I update everytime the little icon tells me to. So is there any clever code i can punch in and run a check if everything is in fact as it should be? Cheers!
  7. will it be televised in USA do you think? and when is it?
  8. Sweet!! here is some more rugby magic! ps: The USA is playing South Africa in the world cup later this year in France!
  9. I wanted to try out the youtube thing, and maybe show you guys what rugby is!
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    Sweet! Talking about viuses, I downloaded and installed avg for linux ( version 7.5 i think ) but the thing dissapeared! Gone like a cough in the wind. Cant find it. Anny suggestions?
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    Wow! But doesnt that make linux more open for viruses from windows?
  12. Yeah, I reckon if you are an American then its just that much funnier. I didnt get all the jokes, but still it cracked me up!
  13. No, Shaun and Amy broke up as far as I know. Saw Seether in Manchester in 2005. Good guys they are and an awsome show! Kurt just is such a legend. It was cool to speak to Shaun and Dale in afrikaans.
  14. http://www.koreus.com/media/irack.html ^_^
  15. When you install ubuntu, at the bootup you will have 10 seconds i think to choose which os to run. I have a 40g hardrive as slave for my data and a 20g hd which i partitioned to have windows and linux on it. Dont know how important that might be.
  16. Yes sir it is! I'm huge fan of nirvana and seether in the grundge depertment!
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    A friend of mine said that thanks to Wine he does not use windows at all anymore. I searched for Wine on wiki but the explenations just confuses me. Something about making the dll files on windows compatable with Linux. Can someone please tell me in simplified english What Wine does? Would you recomend installing it? Thanks!
  18. Yeah thanks a lot. Did everything you said, except downloaded a trial version of the new ( i think ) kaspersky, because i am thinking of buying it. And low and behold, he found a trojan downloader! Except for that, everything is running smoothly! Thanks again!
  19. I love that one!!! where did u get it?