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  1. Clannad - Macalla. Listening to the whole album
  2. that is sad, he was a favorite of mine too
  3. A Belated Happy Birthday from Merlin
  4. I have a really nice set of realistic speakers from the early 80's that give the best sound out of my vinyl collection. Won't part with them for anything
  5. belaated Happy Birthday from me
  6. me I'm older than dirt too
  7. thanks everyone sorry I haven't been around much, just been way too busy
  8. Sorry for the bad year there Bearskin but congrats on being smoke free. 3 years for me now and I had 3 colds right after I quit, got rid of one 2 weeks later got another. Guess it goes with quitting. Hope '08 improves for you
  9. drafting......................I ain't tailgating officer , I'm drafting hehe
  10. Dream Theater - Hallowed Be Thy Name to be followed by more Dream Theater