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  1. In what area do you run your business? I had a small furniture store. When it started making a profit, I opened a second store. Now I have 5 of them. I can say that it is very important to have good partners. For example, at first I had difficulties with the logistics of goods from Europe. Now I am working with this haulage company uk. And I am pleased that the delivery of goods has never been disrupted.
  2. I like online games where I can earn money. That's why I sometimes play online casinos I think that this is a good hobby and an opportunity for passive income.
  3. Oh, it's a dream to have so much money. I don't have that amount. However, having any large amount, I would invest in starting a business. Now I have 6000$ and I want to do business in the UAE Now we are looking for the best options for my business with lawyers. Wish me good luck!
  4. I'm more into video and PC games, such as GTA, for example. A big fan! I regularly use gta V mods to make my gaming process more enjoyable.
  5. You can also use this crypto wallet to make the transactions easier and faster. It's completely reliable and easy to use.
  6. For me, Roblox is a great choice. It's pretty interesting and fun. You can also find some script roblox which can be very helpful and useful, especially if you're just an amateur player. You can visit the site.
  7. I agree with you that gathering customer feedback can help you see trends and improve your product or service. We use our own customer feedback survey form to collect customers' opinions on the quality of service provided. Qform - we use this service to collect and analyze the results. When our customers receive their delivery, they can rate our business and leave a review.
  8. Thank you. I used to have the same problem with my weight but finally found a solution for myself. - exercises certainly helped me lose weight by burning calories and building muscle. I work out for at least 20 minutes every day.
  9. So... The cry for help is in the title. Cheap or good free ones. Would be reaaally grateful.
  10. Very interesting! The dream of everyone owning a 3D printer may be over. It's too expensive so I decided to buy a new home printer yesterday. Gaming svg bundle - I want to print giftcards and stickers.
  11. If you're talking about organizing after relocation, I could recommend MOD24 moving company.
  12. I recall moving from boston to denver and it was a headache. If you need help, I can recommend them
  13. So I came across an article and here's what seemed interesting: "On average, the first electric cars covered 149.8 miles (241 km) without recharging, and the average battery capacity was 33.1 kWh. For the latest electric vehicles, the mileage on a single charge increased by 15.6% to 173 miles (278.5 km). But the battery capacity also increased by 39.6% to 46.2 kWh. That is, newer electric vehicles are generally less efficient at using battery capacity for a long trip on a single charge" here's the source:
  14. What would you say about this gaming headsets? I heard it's good and made especially for gaming. Just looking for a new one and lost in options.
  15. Very informative infographic about Bitcoin! Thank you for sharing. There are a lot of ways that you can trade BTC and other cryptocurrencies. I prefer passive trading because I don't have time for day trading or scalping. blockchain technology is enabling crypto enthusiast to trade for lower cost than ever before.