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  1. That's interesting, thanks! So far, I've been working with It was a really nice experience
  2. That's interesting, thanks! I have my own videoblog, currently I record videos using my iPhone and a cell phone holders when needed. So this site would be useful for stealing some tricks
  3. Check out Rocketech mobile app development company, the range of their project is impressive. Here's their site
  4. kyo10

    renting a car

    I usually take tours and thus I don't need a car. By the way, here's a great company Maybe that's the solution?
  5. Well, as for me, during the lockdown, I had quite a lot of spare time and I decided to give my old hobby a chance and opened an online cosmetics store where I sell oils, soaps etc. Can't say it gives me lots of money, but it's mostly fun and I bet if I give it more attention and energy, it can be profitable.
  6. kyo10

    Sci-fi reading

    Not a big fan of sci-fi. I usually read articles like this I recommend checking out this site :)
  7. This is a good PC if you play CS:GO. It’s quite easy to reach 60 fps with this game to play comfortably for fun. But every professional CS:GO player uses a system that can push 120 fps along with 144Hz+ monitor. So you have to spend some more money if you want to become a professional cs cyberathlete. gut knife marble fade factory new - I gave up trying to become a professional, so I play for fun with my friends and bet skins on csgo tournamnets.