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  1. running Windows 7 on Dell PC. I have the free version of Malware and one setting to scan is Rootkits and it is not checked. what is a Rootkits ? should I put a check in it when I run the scan ?
  2. Since I have Norton and the free version of Malware , will they effect each other ? Chuck, that link was great, I put it in my favorites list so I can always get help.
  3. I thank both of you, very much for the help.
  4. How do I turn off Windows Defender ? Windows 7 Home
  5. Thanks Chuck. but I found if I clicked on tools, under the drop down, it said add to start menu. Id did and it worked
  6. OK thanks Chuck it just won't work so i'll just sign in each day.
  7. will this work if I am using gmail which requires a password. I'm using a PC with Windows 7 home
  8. I just changed my email service to Gmail. how can I get it to start on boot up ??
  9. Actually, I just want to move them to another folder. they are a string of DAT files. I should just leave them alone but there are probably 30 or more. thanks again
  10. OK, thanks Chuck. I seem to remember in Windows, you hold a key or two, like the crtl and alt to move a file. but that did not work
  11. Sorry, Dell Inspiration desktop running windows 7 home
  12. I know how to drag and drop a file to an SD card, but that keeps the original file in place. How do I move a file to a SD card and not keep the original ?
  13. Chuck, thanks. they don't take much space so to be safe, I'll just ignore them.
  14. I have a long string of these files when I open Windows 7 under documents. What are they and can I delete them ??? Here is one of them 2017-06-22-18-06-00.dat Nothing shows in from of the file as Excel and Word have. it's just a blank box
  15. I will soon replace my old PC and I have heard that the free program from Microsoft, Excel and Word is no longer available. I have files for both and I was told of another program that is free and available that would run all of my old Excel and Word files. an someone tell me or give me the link. thanks for any help
  16. Chuck, I checked the start task manager, and under the processes tab, I see sys idle Process CPU 50 % and suchost 49 % I don't know what tis means nothing is running on the computer
  17. Chuck, the first one found problems but the cost to repair is $60. is the second one also a charge. ? ran the second one and that's $25
  18. I'm still having a problem with the CPU running at 50% and higher with nothing open. it used to be in the low teens. everything is slow and I ran the Norton and Window defender with no results.
  19. Thanks flashh4. I'm 73 and don't do much surfing. email and checking my Bank account is the most I do.
  20. Will you lose all of your favorite web sites if you switch to 10 from7
  21. With nothing running, I looked at the start manager, and the CPU Usage keeps bouncing between 50 to 80 % usage. Shows taskhost.exe using almost 70 K . shows host process for windows. What is this ? iexplore.exe shows 125 K. this shows internet.