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  1. The other program I was looking at was Webroot from Best buy. They gave it to me when we purchased new washer and dryer. They said it could run together with my Norton. My Dell is 11 years old and i will soon gt a new one.
  2. I'm using a Dell PC using Windows 7 Home.. I just made a purchase at Best Buy's, nothing to do with a computer. They offered weeboot and said it was an excellent program to use. I am using Norton now, can you have two anti virus programs on your computer.
  3. When I turn of the computer it sometimes shows a program running. I pull up task manager and it shows nothing. I use to put in something that I thing started with MSDos. I pulls up what programs are running. My Norton account shows all start up's and i have the off.
  4. This is probably a dumb question. If you get a new computer, do you get a new IP address Where can I get the IP address ?
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    Chuck, thank you again for the help
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    Chuck, as i said once, I'm 75 and this is all Greek to me. I think I'll just leave it alone. But, thank you
  7. Yes. I read some info on deleting Incredimail and it states that after you delete the program a file in the system will not delete. it's there if you change your mind and reinstall Incredimail. It contains all of your contacts and all emails. Iit's really not a big deal to delete it, so I could just leave it there if I would choose to reinstall the program. I think of all of the email programs available, this one is the simplest one to use. The only reason I got rid of it is because it was a 3rd party with Verizon. when Verizon dropped the email service, I had nothing but trouble getting
  8. Chuck, thanks but I tried several times and it won't open. C did copy and paste Administrator /active:yes and changed some of the spaces but still no luck. keeps saying Windows can't find Administrator My wife and I are just leaving for a trip and I'll be back on Saturday. PC running Windows 7 home
  9. Chuck. thanks, I did get to the small black screen and typed the command on the directions shown below. . It keeps saying comand not recognized . I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Click the Windows 'Start' menu, then click 'Control Panel'. Click 'Add or Remove Programs'. Select 'IncrediMail'. Click 'Remove'. Once the uninstall is complete, restart your computer. Go to C:\Program Files\IncrediMail. Delete the 'bin' folder to completely remove IncrediMail from your computer.
  10. It's what was a DOS screen from windows.
  11. I just uninstalled Incredimail and the instructions on how to get rid of all files after the uninstall are reboot and then enter C:\program files\incredimail. Then delete the folder. I forgot how to get to the black screen to enter this.
  12. where do I find my computers IP Address ?
  13. Chuck, thanks for the reply. My version did not have the setting so I called Norton. They told me that the new version that I have on my computer, removes they during the scan or as routine checks made by the program. I wonder how may other people had the problem. Been nice if they sent out a notice about the change.
  14. I've had Norton for over two years and any time that I ran a scan, it always found 20 or more tracking cookies. now, it finds none. I called Norton to ask why, and the rep from India said he had to take over my computer to check Norton program. I allowed him to do that and he stated he did not find any problems with the program but could not give me a reason why on tracking cookies don't show up. Then he told me that Norton specialist will clean my computer, give me three years of Malware and a few other items. . It took him over 10 minutes to get all of what they will do for me out. The
  15. One thing about getting old, it sucks
  16. Chuck, thanks again. I'm going to stick with Foxfire , the problem with IE locking up and slow is long gone. I can't believe how fast it is.
  17. chuck, thanks for the help. My IE using MSN as a home page, has theCPU task manager bouncing up to 100 and down to 50 this usually locks u[p the page. I downloaded Firefox and it works perfectly and the CPU usage is very low. WOW , what a difference.
  18. Is Quantum just for Windows 10. I'm going to stich with Windows 7
  19. I have a Dell PC, running windows home 7 and the Verizon high speed internet. My internet , MSN is so slow and locks up at times. I ran a full scan with Norton, Malware, and even Windows Defender and nothing shows. I was thinking to switch to Fire Fox or Mozilla, which would you recommend ?
  20. Brian, thank you again for the help. if I do use Google, I just run a scan when I'm finished. Thanks for the tip on custom installations. I'm 75 and most of this is a challenge.
  21. Brian, thank you for the answer. I do have another question regarding PUP files. I tried Google Chrome as a home page and not my usual MSN. I ran a scan with Malware, free edition , before opening Google and nothing shows up. I ran it again after spending a few minutes with Google Chrome and ran the scan again. This time, I had 89 PUP files. I had this happen every time I use Google Chrome. I guess I should give up on Google.