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  1. We have xbox 360 live.. gold.. How do you set up to play more than 1 person? on one account? Everytime they try to set up a gamertag or account it wants to sign up for another gold membership. Can you not have multiple players on one gold membership account? I am so confused. They r only able to play 1 player online.
  2. Me & my 15 yr old daughter both have myspace and havent had any problems with pervs. I'd also like to add that ANYWHERE online can be hangouts for pervs & pedos... Not just myspace MySpace
  3. Thanks ya'll.. I know I dont post here much but I do come check in ever now and then and catch up on some readin. thanks again for the b'day wishes.
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes... from this "fly-by-nighter"
  5. Thanks so0o much ya'll Now if I could just get some time to browse the sites you posted I'd be doin real good LoL
  6. Thanx alot.. That helped quiet abit since I really didnt know anythin about it. (Gettin advice from someone the same age as my daughter is weird tho) LoL My son rather have xbox online I think. Anywho Thanx murtu!
  7. I have already been to that site "The first few downloads have advertising software which pay for the file storage and can be easily removed in Add/Remove programs." SiGh
  8. I figured that out... acK Thats why I came here hopin someone would know of a good place to d/l some. I am so0o not in the least bit creative so that kinda zaps me from tryin to make my own anything LoL I have AdAware SpyBot S&D and SpyWare Guard.. Do I need more?
  9. HeHe Not to sound rude, cuz I know I ramble alot, and its was prolly hard to understand what my question was.. I know how to change my wallpaper/desktop I just wanted to know where I might can find boot screens thats basicly it.
  10. I didnt know where to ask this ?. I hope this is the right place. Sowwyz if its not. I like to change my desktop, etc often. I get tired of lookin at the same ole same ole. I am mostly interested in finding bootup screens that does NOT instal other CRAP. Its been so long since I had Win 98 but I use to change the boot screen all the time. But now I have no idea how to do it. Does anyone know where I can get boot screens mostly but also themes without havin to add crap to yer puter? Oh and is there any other color you can change yer taskbar to other than blue, silver and baby crap green? BTW I
  11. Liz all my daughter is interested in is chattin it up with her friends. I've had AdAware and SpyBot. I recently installed Spyware Guard not really sure about it.. It just sits there LoL Should I replace it with SpywareBlaster or add SpywareBlaster?
  12. You can go online with PS2 and XBOX right? Can you get online with DSL? And is there some kinda subscription/fee for online gaming? My son is drivin me crazy over this and I really have no idea how to even get started or if its even possilbe with dsl. I know there is somethin you have to buy to go with the game stations.. I think LoL I guess my ? is... if I go buy whatever is needed, can i just hook it up, plug in the dsl and go online?
  13. Fixed - Thanx ya'll! I share this puter with my teenage daugthter. All is fine till her & her buddies get on it. Then it seems theres always somethin messed up! GrRr
  14. Thanx, i uninstalled and I didnt get the errors. Now I'm waitin on the updates uGh!
  15. You know... I am beginin not to like nortons myself.. This will be the 4th time somethin with it has messed up and I've had to reinstall it. I'm on that now. Just curious, why do you not like nortons?
  16. Today when I rebooted my puter, while it was loadin everythin I got a box.. Windows Instaler - Preparing to instal. That box went away and another popped up, Norton AntiVirus 2005 - Please wait while windows configures Norton Anti 2005. Then another box, Norton AntiVirus 2005 - Nortons does not support the repair feature, uninstall and reinstall. Can anyone help me with this?
  17. »-(¯`v´¯)-» Happy Valentines Day!! »-(¯`v´¯)-» I seen this on another forum.. I thought she was adorable!
  18. w0w! Hey ya'll!! Nice welcome. Me likes! Sorry it took so long to say Hi, I havent had much time to check this forum out. I have looked around a bit and just today seen this topic. Anywayz Hi ppl! Maybe I will have time to check this place out a lil better. there are alot of interestin topics here, many things to learn LoL
  19. My fav was the magic Revolving Fridge Next would be the Horses helpin the colt. Anything with that 'king' freaks me out The halftime show sucked!