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A bunch of friends of mine have just finished recording their first EP. I, personally think it turned out very well. They asked me to set up a PureVolume profile of their band, and I just did. On it, you can listen to and download 4 of the songs from the EP. My personal favs are High Fidelity and City Lights. LOL, yes, I guess you could call me their 'manager'. :blink: All the songs on there are 100% originals, and considering they're 16 years old; I think it sounds fantastic.

They're a Jam Band kind of Rock group that likes to throw in heavy guitar solos and less concentration on lyrics. If stuff like that doesn't appeal to you, you may not like them. I know my opinion is biased, so I'd (and the band) would like to know what other think. So far, the comments have been very positive.

Anyway, here's the link:

(Note: PureVolume's player is really quiet, so you may need to crank the speakers up a bit and adjust the volume settings on the player)


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Love the guitars, the drumming's good. While I hate singling out one thing, and though he seems to be channeling Jim Morrison, something sounds mis-matched with the vocals. I'm no producer so I don't know what I'd do exactly, but ... I dunno ... I can't even put it into words (I've tried). More *something* ... or less *something* ... I just can't put my finger on it.

... going to replay them again ...

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