Computer Unable To Play Cd Rom Games

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Hello guys,

I have this problem after i got some virus and scanning, each time i put in a CD rom game to play it just shows this:


The system file is not suitable fo running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windos applications.Choose 'close' to terminate application.

There is also an ignore button which i use to hit and the game can be played but not anymore.Can anyone please help me with this.Thank you very much.



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Might want to check out these links.

Helpful Link 1

Helpful Link 2

Helpful Link 3

Hope that helps


Hello Besttechie,

I have followed all the intsructions on the links given by you, each time i enter a command, the following appears:

C:\>Destination is not a directory:Letter:\i386\config.nt_

I have tried several times and it didn't help, still i really appreciate your time taken to give me the links.Thank you and i hope i can hear some more instructions from you.



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CS GO can be considered an old flash game? I remember those times, back in 2003, everyone installed it on their computers, whoever had them and games with old graphics. It’s cool that times have changed and has appeared as a more cool way to play because it gives a discharge in the form of excitement and the ability to cut money.

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