Win19.tmp.exe And 2 Ulwindow Popups

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Brother was on my computer, and clicked on an .exe he received >_<. SpywareQuake... AGAIN @[email protected] I had this about 2 weeks before hand, and a member here helped in the removal process. I managed to get rid of everything myself this time... or so I thought. I cleared up all the problems except for two.

My Zonealarm keeps popping up (about once an hour) with this message:


I have deleted this file, but it keeps respawning.

Along with this pop up comes two windows:

Picture Link Here


The "Seek" window has always been blank. The "URL" window used to contain po*n. Upon exiting those windows, Firefox would launch, and open up more po*n. This has stopped, but the windows in the screen still show up from time to time.

Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of these?

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can you send a hijack log to the board

so it can be read by the experts

those popups could be from any appli

do you use messenger

try disabling that and see if you can get rid of the popups

also have a look in your

add and remove programs

and see if the popups have any links there

you may have to surf safer from now on

my guess is youve been hijacked

how many brothers have buggered up compts


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