Fans Off A Powersupply

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Ok this is what I want to do.

I got some old fans from my school and an old power supply the fans only have 2 wires on them a red on and a black one. I am not sure if the fans even work right now they are 12 volt fans, how can I connected them to a battery or something to see if they work?

Then if they do work I want to connect them to the old power supply and run them off that. On the power supply I have a P4 plug that has red, yellow and 2 black wires (see Pic). I then want to cut off one of the black wires and the yellow one too and use the black and red one on the fan. I would have to cap the yellow and one of black wires right or could I run the other fan off those two.

I know about soldering and such

Here is a pic of what it am trying to do: the pink writing say that “this is where it will go†The fans will go there if they can. The green says that I will have to remove that white thing on the end.

What will I all need to do this:


Solder pencil

Wire cutter, strippers

Sador chisel

Sador sucker

Plastic wire ends I don’t know what they are called but you twist the 2 wires together and then cap it off with that, That is if I cant use the other 2 wires (yellow and black ) for the other fan

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it sounds a little weird, but the yellow and black cables are what you really want. The red and black are 5v and ground, the yellow is 12v.

You should take a look at the wiki on creating a bench power supply elsewhere in this forum. A computer power supply needs to see a load to work, so just plugging it in isnt going to get you voltage unless it is plugged into a motherboard.

BTW, be very careful working on power supplies, the capacitors hold voltage for years.


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All right I dont think I am that good enought with electricty to build by own poswer supply with out a tutorial telling me exactley what to do. Do you have a site like that?

I alos have decided to scrap this project and just buy some fans with the power supply cord allready atached to them...

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You got any website that you can think of me reading beore hand on electrict or mods or elctronics

I aslo have done some reserchg on building a computer,, do you have any websites that are with curent hard wear tutorials, or any tutorials at all?

There is a thread in the forum with the link to the power supply project. :ATX to benchtop

As for hardware tutorials, there are lots. Here is a google search to get you started:


And also feel free to search the forums and post questions, this is a very good place for advice, IMO.


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