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I didnt know where to ask this ?. I hope this is the right place. Sowwyz if its not.

I like to change my desktop, etc often. I get tired of lookin at the same ole same ole. I am mostly interested in finding bootup screens that does NOT instal other CRAP. Its been so long since I had Win 98 but I use to change the boot screen all the time. But now I have no idea how to do it.

Does anyone know where I can get boot screens mostly but also themes without havin to add crap to yer puter? Oh and is there any other color you can change yer taskbar to other than blue, silver and baby crap green? BTW I'm winxp home.

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Steer clear of most third party XP themes sites especially They can install some very nasty malware. I usually use a combination of Paint and IrfanView to create my own wallpaper (desktop background). Using IrfanView you can even create a slideshow of different backgrounds for your desktop that will automatically change it at set intervals. Someone here may know of trustworthy sites that you could download themes from. I would make sure your computer is protected by using some suggested anti-malware programs.

Recommended programs to protect you.


AdAware tutorial

SpyBot S&D

SpyBot tutorial


SpywareBlaster tutorial


IE-Spyad tutorial

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Steer clear of most third party XP themes sites especially They can install some very nasty malware.

I figured that out... acK

Thats why I came here hopin someone would know of a good place to d/l some.

I am so0o not in the least bit creative so that kinda zaps me from tryin to make my own anything LoL

I have AdAware SpyBot S&D and SpyWare Guard.. Do I need more?

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I have already been to that site

"The first few downloads have advertising software which pay for the file storage and can be easily removed in Add/Remove programs."


That's the hazards with free sites. They need to pay their bills somehow. Using ads and spyware enables this.

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Here is a site I like.

You have to sign up and in to be able to download anything. But it's just like any other forums. Almost everything is user created.

Plus they have a good forum. It was allot bigger until they remade the forums and everyone had to re-signup. But still a very good place.


Everything you need is listed under "Style Stats".

Plus no hidden stuff to worry about.

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Object Dock is a good one. They have a FREE and a PAID Version. The only thing that I see is every 24 hours of on a reboot, they have a built in popup wanting you to but the program. Have had it for a couple of years on 2 different PC's and no problems what so ever. You can go back and download different stuff for FREE as they come out with it. It does just the basic stuff and you can go right back and get several different add on thinks. CLICK HERE

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