Enjoy Your Coffee With A Clear Conscience...

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Whoo Hoo! I always said coffee, not aspirin, is the miracle drug--and I like the blurb about chocolate having even MORE antioxidants....And my Hubby says my chocolate and coffee diet supplements are bad...Ha!



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Thanks Sidekick...lol...good article as I need this for evidence. Wife is always telling me I should cut out coffee...hahaha. Oh boy this is gonna be good...heh

Copy!!!...Print!!!....leave on kitchen cupboard so she sees it...ahahaha :P

**I needs my coffee :wub:

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I can't get it!

I just get a blank page, first time was an advert kinda thing about kids & drugs (kids have the BEST drugs..) with a spinning wheel, then click Continue but I just went to a blank page. Tried it again and this time no ad but also no page. Progress bar says "Done"...well if the page is a plain white blank window, then I guess it is done...and very well I may add ;)

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They must have changed it, Chappy--I just went there and got the same thing you did, BUT in the upper right hand corner, it says "click here to read" or something to that effect and it went to the coffee article. :thumbsup:


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Sorry Chappy that it doesn't show up for you.

I just checked it out again , no ad thanks to Norton firewall, and it says Enjoy will load in ten seconds, then it does it. Also as Liz said, upper corner right corner says Continue on to Enjoy (Enjoy is the name of article), clicking on that loads it right up.

Funny thing, I didn't get any ads or wait to load articles or index etc on other times recently to the site, but that stupid drug ad appeared a couple of times a couple of years ago. Maybe it is only there once in awhile?

I remember it was a dumb ad...sounded almost like it was pro drugs or something back then. Oh well.

Oh I just thought of something, maybe the drug ad people are targeting us coffee drinkers too? Ha! :rolleyes:

So try it again, have a cup of coffee while you wait for article to load....Ha!

I'm glad to see people having a good laugh over an article verifying what we knew all along in our hearts was true that our coffee habit is good for us.

Yes I had my hubby read the article too as he is a anti-coffee nagger, and may send a copy of it to several people at a church we used to go to that used to nag me to stop drinking coffee, even when my insulated coffee mug had water or coke in it instead of coffee they would assume it was coffee and get on my case! But same people would pig out over church breakfasts with lots of syrup over the stack of pancakes, or lots of rich desserts at church dinners... finally one day I asked one older lady why coffee was so evil, when I saw her and others eating so much sugary rich stuff which I didn't do as I didn't want to become a diabetic like my dad, Or like her and others there...funny how that made them all mad at me! I probably shouldn't have said that, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time!!! Ha!!! :unsure::rolleyes:


God bless everyone.

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Hopefully this link bypasses the advertisement if you still haven't been able to see it.

Wow, that was totally positive. No if's and's or but's.

"... In tests conducted at Vinson's lab, coffee topped the list of foods that are densest in antioxidants, surpassing blueberries, broccoli, and most other produce. Only chocolate, dried fruits, and dried beans ranked higher. ..."

Better than broccoli? Yee-hah!

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