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Hello, I'm new to the Board and would appreciate some Network help. My setup is as follows;

Host= Desktop, Win. XP PROsp2, connected to Direcway Satelite Dish. Also to a 4port Ethernet Hub.

Client #1= Desktop, win XP. With Ethernet cable to the above Hub. This unit goes on line and the is networked fine, ( no problems ).

Client #2= IBM ThinkPad T20, Win 2k Pro. IntelĀ® PRO/100+MiniPCI Ethernet card. Ethernet cable to 4 port Hub.

From Client #2, the Ping is sucessful to Client #1 and the Ping of it's own IP add is sucessful. The Ping attempt to the Host fail's.

I'm using Proxy, settings port 83.

I've set this up a dozen times and can't get the ThinkPad on the Network. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. The Workgroup is the same on all units, they each have unique names.

Can someone help ???? jimmyD

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I don't know much about networking, but a friend had a network problem. The nic and vid cards were conflicting. If I'm not mistaken he move them farther apart. Vid was agp nic was pci.

Don't know but may give you another avenue to troubleshoot.

Good luck


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the host connection out, is it set to automatically obtain IP addy? If it is, then set it manually to , submask will set itself just click the cursor there. If that doesnt do it, then below there in preffered dns server, set the first one to and the alternate to Post back and let us know if that solves the problem.

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Crow, tryed those steps no luck. Think I might need Ethernet adapter on the ThinkPad. Don't know what else to try. As I stated, client #1 & #2 are set up the same except for IP addy and Name, #1 works fine .

Thank's for the effort. jimmyD

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I appologize jimmyd, I was skimming through here and I didnt read your entire post. The only addaptors you should need are "Client for Microsoft...", "File and print sharring" and "Internet Protocol"... course notice I said should...check back now and then if you will, I will have the info you need if you dont get it fixed first :)

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Crow I don't have "Client For Microsoft" set-up, I'm checking it now.


P.S. Selected it but all it does is tell me to insert disk for Driver's ???? I really don't know what I'm doing ,I guess. I'm about ready to surrender and suffer with dial-up. LOL !!!

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Hi, brax

What i was trying to do was, add a computer to an existing lan home network.

My " Host" computer= XP-Pro SP2, is connected to a satalite rcvr. via cable's to an antenna outside. It work's fine and has for some time.

At present ( on my established network) I have one "Client" connected. Via, cable to 4 port Hub ( which is connected via cable to "Host's network adapter). This unit work's fine and connect's great to the Satalite .

I have 2 available port's on the Hub that I'm attempting to add a Laptop and later another desktop to.

My initial ( and existing network) was setup by a tech. who's no longer available.

I THINK I've messed up the setting's on my "Host" computer , when i try to add another member ( Client) computer. I really don't know if it's asking for the Client's ( the new one ) Network Adapter settings or wanting me to insert the Host's settings ? LOL

Sorry if this read's like a translated mystery novel, but I've tried to explain my confusion as best I can.

Thank's for your reply, jimmy

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