Terms Of Use Updated

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Hello Everyone,

Today we updated our terms of use for the boards,

Please read this, it is vital to the proper running of this forum.

All rules will be adheared too starting immediately.


The BT Admin Team.

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Thanks, Dragon and yes, I hope you can tweak the thing--sorta reads like an insurance contract (which means my eyes glaze over after the first couple paragraphs ;) ) and bolding some parts would "liven it up". Good move, though, as this place is getting so popular that the "powers that be" need to CYA and that TOS seems to do it. Meanwhile, I'll try to behave myself....:pirate:


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thanks for the suggestions. the tweaking will start soon.

AS for the insurance policy part, not much I can do about that, The idea is to protect BT users, admin, mods, and staff.

so I guess you could say it is an Insurance policy :)

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just so everyone knows, The Terms of Use have been updated with the suggestions you all made.

After you read them there is a button, at the bottom, to get you out of the TOU

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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While reading most of the TOU I kept saying to may self...well yea or of course. But I had to stop and realize these are what will keep the fools from trashing the site.

Just noticed the date of the last reply....damn.

two thumbs up.


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