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hi team i was born here

this is my home town

and it is now a world famous heritage park

for whale watching

my family and and many others

created this whale watch heritage park

to protect the species

in 1998

we won world

recognition for saveing the whales

it is now a billion dollar


tho it didnt start that way we wanted to stop

the japs from killiong them off

we have several boats

involved in the operation.

the town had a population o 3.000

now because of the whales it has risen

to 15.000

and growing

sorry if ive wondered off

a bit

please enjoy

dont look at the commercial bits


whale watch

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Wow, Marty. Beautiful, just beautiful (by the way if anyone had to hunt for the slide show in the first link, its listed in the bottom left corner of the site--watch them!)

Gosh, to live in a place with both mountains and beaches would be heavenly.


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hi teams thanks for your comments

im a keen inviromentalist.

the way i see it if we dont look after

our planet

it will be gone forever.

i dont envy some of you who live in urban sprawls

and not able to see the beauty of our inviroment .

back to the whale watch .

i have complementry

tickets and i can gave friends and reltives free rides .

to see the whales in their natural habitat.

the idea is to make the people whale friendly

that way more people are aware of them.

the diabetes assoc i belong to have one complimentry ride a year

which i s-----t stirred for

and now we have this once a year


its ok for me being a share holder

i can go when i like .

but i like to send people for the experienced

im getting a bit carried away here ,

on a subject i love .

thanks again team. for your comments

your posts say there are still caring people on the planet





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