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I am bored and barely awake at the moment, and it definitely shows in this post.

Anyway, while browsing NewEgg, I saw a small banner ad that just looked too interesting to ignore...a staple-free stapler. Apparently they've existed in Japan for quite a while, but they're just now starting to come over here. Yeah they only work for around 5 pages or less, but they still look very intriguing.

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Whoo, hoo!! I like it, Torin. Although I use my stapler for much more than merely paper (works wonders for putting posters on walls and it's a wonderful tool for an artist and "quick fixes for a fallen skirt hem" :) ) hmmmm, wonder if it would work on cloth? I love staplers. Ok, I know, thats weird, but I still love staplers, ranks right there with the wheel!


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I grew up poor, and went to poor schools in 50's and early 60's (our community never passed a school levy in all 12 years of my schooling), so we all learned to make-do and do without.

The easy cheap way to keep papers together without staples or paperclips, is to straighten out the pages in order and together, then diagonally bend a small top corner of the papers together, then make a small tear in the middle of the bent over part of the pages. It will surprisingly do a great job, and depending on your strength and care can do many pages together. I can do about 4 or 5 that way.

I use staplers nowadatys, but if I am in a hurry, or if I am mailing something that needs to stay together rather than use staples that can cause damage to PO equipment, or if I have misplaced the staplers, then this is the method I use. I have had feedback from places I've mailed things to that said that was a good way to do it, and it makes it easy to recycle something later without taking out staples. Ha!

I hope I explained it so it makes sense.


God bless everyone.

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