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Between the facts that I'm an ex-windows user and wasn't used to multiple desktops and didn't have that option with windows and I try to keep resource hungry apps to a minimum, I'd only use the pager and then it's not even for productivity purposes...more like hiding the windows or wallpaper I'm using from prying eyes. :)

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Whatever the DE provides. Never did get into virtual desktops, though not for want of trying. AFAICR the only thing I've used them for in the last couple years is stashing browser windows I'm not using but will need in the future. Basically a clumsy, ephemeral bookmark manager. Tabs pretty much took care of that.

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I have pretty much gave up on making a nice looking desktop. I have the default grey background with one firefox icon on it. I have pretty much spent all of my computer time playing with code, python and bash.

here is my desktop


Nice minimilist desktop. Gnome on Gentoo?


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