%$*&@ Pop Ups

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I'm not on my machine at home so this verrryyy annoying.

I browsing around and notice the pop ups. Not only are they themselves aggrevating, but some appear as scare tactics. they are odd sized, off center so you have to slide the screen to close them or go to the task bar, then some are hard to close.

I know what life is like without them so having to deal with them for one day can be tolorated.

has anyone here ever found anything of any use from what appeared in a popup or pop under?


I do understand having advertising is a way to cut cost.

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Yeah well pop under advertising is the newest most anoying thing ever!!! I had so much trouble with it I went almost crazy.... You are infected with a bug I thing and should run HJT and post a log. Most pop ups come from bugs. Not all but it wouldnt hurt to post a log. After I got my log cleaned my pop ups were gone. Hope this helps!


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I was at the local ghigh school subbng. Kids had to watch a movie in french so i came here. Cannot make changes to the system, might hurt tech guys feelings. I can see toolbar addon on may of the machines there. Hate to run spybot or adaware, may be all kinds of nasties.


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Panicware Pop-up blocker

The above is a great add-on to IE 6 that'll block pop-ups from happening, it's free.

Fire Fox 1.0

I never use IE 6 at all if I can help it. I mostly use Mozilla's Fire Fox. It has great pop-up blocking and is not subject to viruses and hijacking like IE 6. It's a must have.

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have you thought about setting your cookies to prompt and block.

try this.

open internet options


privacy tab- advanced

check override cookie handling

first party cookies check prompt

third party cookies check block.

check allow session cookies .

these are my settings and i dont have popups.

if a site wants to place a cookie on your sys it will prompt you so you have the option to allow it or not that way you can keep the popups down to a minimum.

hey i just posted this some where else.

OR may be you are having trouble with messenger that creates popups


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