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Bittorrent is a P2P software like kazza or "napster" insted of downloading music its a comunity of sharers to help speed up downloading of large file like knoppix or fedora. while there are probaly people sharing music and movies, bittorrent if not controld by anybody. the indavidual user is the one makeing decisions on who, what and how they share.

Sun java is a programming language. java workstation is a catach word for sun. Sun java workstation is a user workstation with lots of java based tools. they also have a linux distrobution that they call java workstation.

you have to buy suns java workstation. they have no free version , ironicly you can get solaris (there unix os) for free from there site.

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Well I tried to download Knoppix from a mirror site (Purdue U) yesterday, and when it got to 33% the download locked. I am on cable and have good speed (downloading and uploading). Been to the bit torrent site and still a little confused...guess I'll have to buy a disk if I don't figure this thing out. :unsure:

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