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Today in dynamical threats of Laptop viruses. It becomes the need for your laptop to remain connected with the sturdy antivirus package. Trend micro support is such a strong and high-security antivirus program providing the big selection of laptop protections from the threats as well as the foremost risky Trojan horses and crafty malicious applied scientist that invades your laptop and steal your valuable data. For more information please contact trend micro support.


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Howdy jsaharawat & Welcome to the forum ! Trend Micro is like most other Antivirus protectors, they all claim the same "the greatest protection" but IMO after cleaning computers for 20 yrs plus i find that Microsoft Defender is as good as any and it's free !!



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I agree with Chuck. There are lots of different antivirus companies And anti-spyware companies that tell us they are “the best”. It is up to you to make a decision as to what you think is appropriate as far as what you think is “the best”. There are other people who are of a mind, like myself, who rely on certain programs in certain tools to be used in an anti-malware removal process, or a scan process to remove any junkware.   Trendmicro may be a good program, but that would be up to the person using it. There are so many programs out there that it is hard to know which is the best unless you use them every day.

without question in my mind the following programs are the best: Windows Defender, And Malwarebytes anti-malware.  When a Virus strikes my machine, I know that most times it can remove it. If it doesn’t, then I come to Chuck or another trusted individual who knows how to remove this garbage.

I once went through Malware removal school but then had to drop out because I just didn’t have the time to be able to complete whatever they ask for, and not only that it became more difficult to complete what they were asking for. In the times of today there are many viruses and spyware programs out there or versions of junkware That clog up computers and cause more problems than not. This is why I chose to go with someone who understands how to remove that material, and you have to keep up with it as JACK has an order to be able to give a proper instructions.  

Chuck, you may want to go through the forms and remove some of these “advertisements for services” that are popping up inside the forms themselves. I have read at least five posts in the last hour that are similar to that in my post feed. They might be helpful posts, but to me it sounds like they are spam, and they should be checked out and removed if either you or Jeff or another moderator believe that they are junk posts.  One of them is dealing with how to “write essays” and it seems to be some Advertisements.

Take care my friend! 


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If you're looking to contact Trend Micro support for assistance with your antivirus package, it's always best to visit their official website. They typically have a dedicated support section where you can find contact information, including phone numbers and live chat options.By the way, I recently stumbled upon an interesting blog post about call intercept. It's a pretty cool read if you ever visit that blog. They share insights into how call intercept technology works and its potential applications.

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