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Good Afternoon:

I have a question regarding OneDrive:

In the Thrift Store, we have a Surface2 RT. It is set up to access OneDrive online through the internet.  The problem is that on Onedrive,, we have a directory that stores our Customer Purchase sheet.  If I save it, it looks like it goes to the OneDrive Folder - However, when I go home to my desktop, I try to open this file, and it does not exist, and instead, there are 5-6 copies of this file, and they are old. (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013)  However, if I power on the Surface, login and then click on the This PC Icon, I can see a Folder called "Skydrive".

The question is:  How do I make the changes necessary to make sure that the OneDrive saves the file in the folder/directory I specify?  I think the Skydrive Folder and the Onedrive folder are somehow different, and this is causing the problem.  The file does NOT exist, and I think it is because of the differences in the folder/directory names

Any Idea what is going on?



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