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It’s extremely important to me that I’m up-front with you about how we conduct business here at BestTechie. As I talked about in this post, it’s clear that the current state of display ads on the internet is just flat out terrible. They can intrusive, annoying, and frankly, dangerous. That’s why I made the switch away from traditional banner advertising and towards a [much] more friendly alternative with Carbon Ads.

This site has been around for many years, longer than most other sites you read on the web today. In fact, I started it way back in 2003 and have loved every second of running this site. But obviously, there are costs associated with running a website, so often times I’m asked by our community what they can do to help, so I’ve created a way in which you can go above and beyond and directly support this website.

Head over to the BestTechie Square Cash page and enter in an amount you would like to donate (it’s a one-time donation), enter your credit/debit card information, and with a little bit of magic… you have now become a BestTechie Patron!

I understand not everyone can contribute monetarily, so if you would like to help in other ways, here’s some other things you can do: spread the word about this site, share the content on social networks, and support our sponsors and advertisers. All of these go a long way toward helping.

Thanks for your support over the years,


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