quick launch problem in windows 10

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I was having problem opening the edge browser from the quick launch, so I deleted the shortcut. I tried to drag and drop the icon from the desktop back into the quick launch and it wont drop in. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thanks and take care,


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Hi Chuck and Pete. Feeling a little stupid. Chuck the link you gave was awesome it is definitely a saver. Pete what I looked up, was exactly what you said. Once I opened it up I was able to pin it to the taskbar. Thank you both for the help. No more drag and drop!

Take care,


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I remember when there were complex programs that rarely were stable and hardly functional; yet people kept installing them to get this kind of functionality.
Combining the functions of quick launch and task bar into one by adding the pin and unpin feature is actually a pretty good one. Now you don't have two icons when you are running one of your quick launch / pinned programs you have one icon that lets you launch and access. 
Saves working space and makes it easier to us common tasks.


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