Is iRadio more like Pandora or Spotify?

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Hey guys,


I've been hearing about iRadio, a new Apple music service that's coming out with the release iOS 7 and was wondering for those who have tried it... is it more like Pandora or Spotify?  How does it work? 



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I've been playing with iOS 7 and I can tell you iRadio is just like Pandora.  You select a "radio station" and it will play songs that it feels are a good fit. One of the things I don't love is that you can't select particular songs you want to play, you're basically stuck with whatever comes on (like a radio station), though you can skip over a song if you don't like it (you can also rate songs to help get better selections).



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iHeart radio and Pandora are basically radio services. Spotify is different. It is the most popular streaming streaming service with the best recommendation feature. If you'd like to learn more about spotify vs pandora, you can take a look at the comparison page. If you'd like to download Spotify songs to local devices for listening, you can also use the spotify audio converter for mac. It is one of the fastest converter in the world. Hope these detailed tips can be of help to you. 

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