Are there keyloggers on Samsung laptops?

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<h1>Are there keyloggers on Samsung laptops?

by Elinor Mills

A security researcher says he discovered keylogging software installed on two brand-new Samsung laptops that could be used to monitor all activities on the computer remotely.

Mohamed Hassan, founder of NetSec Consulting, discovered StarLogger software on Samsung laptops with model numbers R525 and 540 after running security scanning software on the systems when he bought them last month, he writes in a guest column in Network World posted today.

Windows-based StarLogger starts up when the computer is turned on, records all keystrokes made on the computer, can be difficult to detect, and can be set to periodically send surreptitious e-mails with information gleaned from the computer to a predetermined e-mail address, with screen capture images attached.

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Deleted the alert, but this is a bogus rumor and Samsung will probably sue his pants off for spreading it.

He really should have tested the files his security software identified as a keylogger before he went public.

His "security software" (GFI Vipre) found a folder C:\Windows\SL and identified this as StartLogger key logger without even testing the contents or checking to see what created it. It turns out it is installed by Windows Live (Microsoft) if you include an international language pack which includes the Slovak language

I mean what kind of crappy software does this guy write that identifies viruses , trojans and keyloggers based on the folder name alone with no signature files, no verification that the item is not valid?

Take your pick of articles.

Replicating the false-positive is easy … simply create an empty folder called SL in the Windows folder and scan it.

I seem to recall testing something from GFI some time back and being very disappointed with the program.

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