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Good Afternoon everyone:

Just a quick question: I KNOW that you are supposed to backup wordpress databases PRIOR to running an upgrade, but something happened one day on one of our servers that caused a white screen of death when logged in as an admin on the server. I did not backup anything proior to the upgrade of the server in question, which was running a network upgrade to version 3.1. It HUNG, and then when attempting to login again it showed me a login screen, but when you login, you get a white screen.

Is there a way to somwhow go through the wordpress and xampp installs to see where the database files may be hiding?? Ii I could find them, I may be able to put the databases back and fix the problem, but I had to reinstall xampp and wordpress (however I DID save the old files from the old installations of both).

Seems as if the ONLY way to get these things is to make them all SQL files...........is there any hope of saving the posts/setup from the old setup even after reinstalling wordpress so that I can access this stuff?

If someone could give me advice or a hand here, I would appreciate it - Lucky for me, on BBUS, I backup databases regularly using phpmyadmin! :)


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Databases should be located in C:\xampp\mysql\data.

Before upgrading WordPress, you should first check for plugin updates and install then, then deactivate the plugins. Some plugins cause conflicts if left activated during an upgrade.

Try manually updating WordPress to see if you get the same problem.

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Hello Falcon! Thanks for the information - Got another situation for you - maybe you or someone that is proficient with database editing can help me here.

OK here is the suituation: I was able to grab the "wordpress" database from a running copy of XAMPP by simply backing up the copy in mysql\data\wordpress, by using PHPMYADMIN. I backed up the database and called it "technoblogs_db.sql.

The server that we were using was named "technoblogs" but we could not get wordpress to install to anything other then localhost/wordpress and localhost/wordpress/landlords. Dan was able to fix the problem by telling me the following:

Dan told me that in order for a blog to work, the blog title, the site

URL and the wordpress URL have to match, or the system will NOT install

the blog correctly. The domain for the blog looks for a match in ALL

THREE areas: The problem that Brian encountered was that he was NOT

matching the blog title with the SITE URL and the Wordpress URL - He

thought he was using the name "technoblogs" which is the name of the

physical MACHINE, which is WRONG - This causes the blog to default to

"localhost", which broke the install.

Noted on 4-15-11 @ 10:07 am by Brian

So, Dan was able to install the blog to the domain wordpress.barrecity.info/blog and wordpress.barrecity.info/blog/landlords His Database is "wordpress", so in order to make it so I won't break anything, I called the database technoblogs_db.sql. I spent the better part of the day trying to import the data from the old blog sites. Blog site 1 is barrecity.info, Blog site 2 is the Landlords Blog. I was able to follow the following instructions (Backing Up a Wordpress Blog and Installing it Locally using XAMPP) I did the instructions, and changed all the URL's as requested, made a site in Dreamweaver, and all that stuff, but what I want to know is the following:

1. Is there a QUICK way to change all of the URL's in an SQL Database so that whatever you put there, the data will be able to be read? Dan would like to use the data cotained in the technoblogs database, so that we can ADD to what he has already there - Every time I try to do it, it wants to go to wordpress.barrecity.info/wordpress and wordpress.barrecity.info/wordpress/landlords - and I want it to be able to use the current URL's without breaking the current setup.

2. Is there a way to take a 2 blog system, and use the data from a specific blog, effectively splitting an SQL Database into 2 pieces so that I can use ONLY the data from a specific site (IE our Landlords Site? - I want to become more proficient in SQL so that I can install blogs and work with Databases like a Pro - I may have to throw these databases in really fast and bring servers online with our wordpress server being a part of it.

3. Which URL's do you need to clear/change other then the ones listed in the instructions? I was able to take the blogs locally using XAMPP, but want to make sure I know what to do in the event that I need to word with the domain listed: apparently, there are several places where you need to change the URL, and I had to take it to localhost, or it would point to the wrong domain - If I can get some help here, I can learn what to change, and be able to make changes to domains in the SQL, and save time if I have to restore an old database.

Any help anyone can give me here would be GREATLY appreciated, as I learn the ropes of PHPMyADMIN.

Thanks :D


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Howdy: Here is an UPDATE for the blogs we manage.

I was able to install XAMPP and get it working on localhost (Techno20 = my laptop) Once I noticed that I was able to use Tools>Export and choose "all content", I was able to export the data from barrecity.info and the landlords blog. I exported both installs data files, then saved these files as XML files as directed.

Second, I made accounts for each install (On BBUS) and made public_html directories for both accounts. Configured a single install for Barrecity.info on BBUS, and a single install for Landlords on BBUS - There are 2 seperate installs, so 2 seperate databases. unzipped wordpress, set permissions, and then edited wp-config.php and ran the install. Once that was online, grabbed the wordpress-importer.0.7.4 and installed and activated it for both installs.

Last, I imported the xml files for each blog, and it asked me which user to attribute the posts to, chose "admin" and it imported EVERY POST, comment, etc!!! YAY ME!!!

Now, I can repeat that on wordpress,barrecity.info, without having to screw with the databases: I just will IMPORT what I have for each blog, then backup the DB's and take notes: and BOOM: we are all set ;)

I STILL want to learn how to edit the phpmyadmin (SQL Databases) in case this happens again - want to be able to fix this should something strange happen and the XML files get huge,,........


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