I need a little help...

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Maybe a direct mailer (Like valpak? )



a little refrigerator magnet to stick on the side of your PC case?

Or a peel and stick label (just one of those little ones like a return address label).

Do they do those mailers in your locale?

Hmm, yes, an envelope size ad with a couple peel and stick labels for your computer / laptop etc. might be worth inquiring about

Or a peel and stick on the front of the local newspaper? Does yours do that? Ours does. About a 2x3 inch sticker which peels off the paper and can be stuck on something else. .

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whenever a new client comes in we ask where they found us. I would say we get one to two per day(maybe closer to 2), 6 days per week, that come from the yellow pages. At an average job of 75-150, that is about 5000/month in gross sales(not all labor). That is about a 300% return on investment. I think service/repair businesses get better then average returns in the yellow pages. A lot of our clients our in their 50'sĀ and 60's and much older. They are hardcore yellow page users.

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Hi shanenin, tho I don't know you yet, agreed the yellow pages.

I needed a new beauty parlor (haircut for a male) and used the yellow pages to find a replacement for my unanswered calls to my long used one.

They failed in a big way, not even a phone recorder.

To meet a new g/f , she understood, after lunch followed me there and to return last weekend was more than worth the effort.

Otherwise I'm deep country 10 miles to Tomahawk or 14 to Rhinelander, doubtful they have any web sites.

Paper spam gets returned when others send them and will be ignored and sent back with a self addressed paid postage envelope.

External fliers are not allowed in my mailbox, so whatever is in the weekly newspaper, I burn in a bonfire at times...


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You know, that's kinda our problem here, two Yellow page publications. The big boy, AT&T, and a generic version. They look deceptively alike, so customers don't seem to care which one they keep or use. Both sell display ads, but the generic one uses last years AT&T main listings, leaving many numbers dead/canceled and has somewhat cheaper rates. It also comes out before the big boy.

Sooo to get full exposure, I'd need to buy for two publications. I faced the same when advertising for my painting business.

I hope your TV ad pays off....

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