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Hi All!

Boy, I'm spreading this all over the place! Copy, Paste...and thanks, Marko! :)

Marko Tomas wrote in "On the Web" forum,

"I may install this on my other computer that is used by the family. However i dont see the need on mine because it never goes to any sites that are even remotely suspicious."

Now how does one know which sites are remotely suspicious? Are there guidelines? Besides the obvious, "don't look up pron", I'm a oldlady, wouldn't do that anyways ....I am careful with links, with the only exception being here, but I google a lot and that is a worry for me.



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Hey all

One tutorial that I'd like to see is a complete tutorial of making the Linux switch. I know that you could write an entire book on this, but if not a tutorial, just some useful links to head in the right direction. People on the forums have been a great help, but I'm still edgy.. What, IMO, a good tutorial on this should include is: partitioning and resizing, installing, enabling dual boot, and everything important that is inbetween. The whole thing could be based of just on one distro, or something.

I don't know.. just a thought


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You could just do, um,

depends on what distro too,











and whatever else inbetween

but most distros make it easy, or give very detailed documentation on installing, but making the swich, yeah, thats the hardpart, maybe a list of windows programs and the alternative...

IE - Opera, Firefox

OE - ThunderBird etc etc

Winamp - XMMS etc etc

Nero/Roxio - ....

and so on and so forth


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Jeff I have a couple of Linux tutorials that are in pdf. One is Complete Idiots Guide To Linux and the other is Linux The Complete Command Line Reference. They are on the large size so I don't know how you would offer them. As a download or something?....Let me know if you are interested......

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