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When you boot up or just remove them?

Just right click them and hit exit. Then they won't be there, until you reboot.

If you want to stop them from loading at boot up, then use something like CodeStuff Starter.


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I don't know of anyway to do what your askiong. Aside from keeping the apps from auto loading, I think you may be stuck.

If you would find a way please post back, I'm sure others would like to know that tip.


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If I'm understanding what you're saying, then you want your taskbar, and your system tray to have nothing but the clock. If you're not too opposed to big changes, I know bblean can do what you're asking. If you want to try this and need some help, feel free to IM or email me or something :). Here is a picture of my desktop with bblean. Note: the amount of customizability with bblean is astounding.

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if you open besttechies link the answer is there .

delete inactive icons in the registry.

i clean mine every so often.

it deletes all icons not active .

but you want icons that are invisable

but are active is that so.

if you find an answer post it on the board.


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