Tictoc... Need Help..

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or any other graphix people..

ok Iccaros-linux is opening a cafepress site.


but if you see I have limited art..

I need some good linux/GNU art that could go up there..

any help would be appresated..

the proces listed right now are the cafepress base price.. I will problay add 1$ to that to go to the site.

the rest goes to cafepress (thats what you get for free)

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Hey iccaros,

sorry, I haven't been around the boards for a couple days...been kinda busy.

Cool idea about the distro gear...I can see how the wallpaper I made doesn't cut it for the purpose though...If I get some free time in the next few days I'll see what I can come up with.

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thank I sent you a PM.

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