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I've been noticing something lately. It seems more and more often when I'm browsing around the web with Firefox that I keep getting popups. I do have the popup blocker enabled and only allow popups that I directly click on. Apparently some nefarious webmasters have figured out how to bypass the blocker with some tricky work on a link which allows a popup to be shown when going to another website.

I've tried modifying the blocker's settings on the 3 different levels in the config file for firefox. The only problem with this is that I can completely defeat the popups on sites that had bypassed it by setting it to the highest level. This however doesn't even let whitelisted sites show legit popups. My question to all of you is this; is there a FF plugin/extension out there that will allow legit popups and filter out the unwanted ones that are occuring more and more often with FF?

I'm sure this is an issue on the FF developer's boards and I wouldn't be surprised if I fix isn't in the works on perhaps the next patch/release. Just looking for something temporary until they can incorporate a fix into the browser.

Any answers will be appreciated. :ph34r:

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Yeah, I've been getting about a half-dozen a day for the last month or so. There's ongoing work to improve the popup blocker; I think the latest release or the next is supposed to be better. IIRC Macromedia also recently also made some adjustments to the Flash plugin to prevent people from using it to bypass the browser and spawn popups.

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yes and to expand on Nerelda statments.. these are caused by ethier java or flash. the site is not doing standard popups.. but running a external java or flash appt. since its not a true popup it is not stoped by popup blockers.

the first thing I do is note the site.. I email the admin for the site. and then I never go back unless the admin tells me they removed the popus.. I understand they need to advertise.. but places like anandtech and tomshardware advertise with out pushing out its users.

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