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Need some informatiuon, but not sure whether to use Yahoo or Google? (well no, must people will just go to google, but owrk with me..) Well, now you can save time, and search with both at the same time! Introducing Yagoohoogle, the search engine that searches both. They'll probably get sued or something, but check it out. Its nothing special, just a time saver by opening both sites with the same term...


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Well, the link just worked for me--perhaps overloaded before?. Blim is an underground musician, a technical specialist (HA!!!) and an imaginary animal kingdom?!?! Never knew I had it in me.....Liz

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That awesome. I have been doing research on which to choose and I hope this site stays. This definitely cleared the way on which information to check first, regardless if Yahoo! or Google had the top counts.

"Single searches not doing it for you, search it twice as fast" :lol:

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