Which Platform Is Better For The Computer

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I am newly bought the desktop computer. I am in a little bit of confusion about the platform. Please give some suggestions to me about this matter. It is very important for me. Please reply.

the platform is the operating sys

microsoft windows or


ubuntu. mac .ect

these other than ubuntu will cost


ubuntu is free

some linux prodcts are free

most use windows

xp or vista

my advice is google for the answer

we on the board can only guide you not advise

feel free to ask questions

and some one will post back


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I am newly bought the desktop computer. I am in a little bit of confusion about the platform. Please give some suggestions to me about this matter. It is very important for me. Please reply.

My operating system preference and recommendation is always "The one that the computer came with because it was was designed for and built to use that operating system."

Of course this really only applies to systems that were actually designed (an OEM system from one of the big manufacturers) and not to one thrown together by some neighbor kid or guy who makes a living on ebay while living in his mothers basement; those are not really designed so much as assembled with the hope that a prayer to the odd gods of the galaxy will make it boot up and not crash when everything is connected and windows installed.

Beyond that there is the consideration that Windows got the market share it has by being easy to use (at least compared to the other operating systems out there) and less likely to show you things which confuse the average user or request you to do something you do not know how to do. It also has the advantage that there are a lot of users and technicians who can help you with your problems.

Sure Linux is Free, and we won't get into the whole Mac vs PC argument. There once was a vast difference in the hardware and supported software between the different operating systems; but now all have more or less migrated to the same (or at least similar) hardware platform; and there are software equivalents for many applications.

Yes, there are still some applications which do not have versions for all three major platforms and in this case if that is a consideration you must go with the OS that supports the applications you need to use.

Then comes the question of what version of windows should you get?


Microsoft has a guide to choosing the correct version of the operating system.

No sense spending a lot of money for a version designed for user control by an IT pro in an office environment when you are going to be the sole user at home; but then there may be features you need or want. So choose carefully.

Finally should you go Vista or wait for Windows 7?

While a great many computers now being sold with Vista offer a certificate for free upgrade CD to upgrade it to Windows 7 when that is released my attitude is do not jump the gun. This is an appealing deal; and it means you can get a new computer now and still get windows7 when it comes out. But the disadvantage here is that you have to choose carefully and trust the manufacturer to have adequately tested the system and not merely offer this as a marketing gimmick. Personally I would say if you buy now, be prepared to stay with vista. If you want windows 7 wait for it to come out and new systems with it pre installed to be available and have a chance for any problems to surface and be reported and fixed.

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