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hi team

tonight i had trouble with vista and ubuntu 9.4

the screen was giving me a grub


which meant i had to repair the mbr

ive forgotten the administrative pass word

how and where do i go to

to change it or

not have to use it

in vista



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sorry no where in this link of yours

does it show how to change or delete the admin password

it shows how to

change an account password

i know how to delete or change the password in xp

but vista

is a bit different

it is a the language ime confused with

if i could just delete the bloody thing

all would be ok

i dont want to have to reinstall vista

i thought the board might help

maybe jsky

may have an answer


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ok pete ime in trouble here

i went in and unchecked the admin account box

now i cant get back in

now when i try to access

the user account

the ok is blotted out

how do reactivevate that

admin account

it is the admin account that is the problem

i cant get in and restore

nor can i get safe mode

any one help

or do i reinstall vista

hope i can get help


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Have you booted to safe mode and logged in with username Administrator?

Can you log in to any account?

You were not supposed to uncheck the box "users need a name and password"

You were supposed to click the "Reset password" in the "Password for Administrator" box which controls the password for the safe mode administrator.

You should be able to do a ctrl+alt+del at login screen to bring up a classic dialog box where you can type in the user name and password or use dropdown menu to select.

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pete does this mean i have to reinstall windows to reset the admin account

so far i cant get in any where

to reset it

i unchecked it by accident

it dosent make any difference to the compt

i can still use it for normal things

ther is no provisions for

security or safe mode

or importantly restore

i seem to be buggered



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did you try ntpassword?

Then boot to safe mode; login with user name Administrator and leave password blank.

Then you can change the other account to admin and put in passwords .


ok thanks pete i got in this way

and all is ok now

thanks again

god what would i do with out your expertise

now i will

take matts advice

and make a account floppy




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hi test

over the years pete has bin my right arm

i learned many things from


and here is another example of know what to do

if it had bin winxp

i know how to fix this problem

thanks pete



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