Warning! Do Not Buy From This Company!

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Several months ago, I was referred to a site (PC Liquidator) that supposedly had not only excellent prices, but also excellent customer service. Well I waited and waited, and finally saw a few things on their site that I really needed. I ordered This Wrist Rest, and Some of These Batteries.

Today I recieved my order in a very small box, so I knew that the wrist rest could not possibly be in there. When I opened the box, I found all the batteries to show multiple signs of use, and the note that came with them stated that the wrist rest was out of stock and that I would be refunded for it.

First of all, their site still says they are in stock, and they should have notified me prior to sending the package.

Secondly, no where on the site, does it state that the batteries are used. If so, I would not have purchased them.

I have just sent them my email of complaint and am waiting to see what they say about it. If they do not handle this situation to my liking, I will be sending my complaint to the Better Business Beauro.

I just wanted to warn all of you about htis company so the same thing does not happen to you.

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Not much said here about this outfit,so it would have done little in the way of help. :o

Yeah, I usually check there and the Better Business Beauro before prchasing from a company, but I could find no reports on them unfortunately.


File a Bill Dispute with yout credit card company. They usually have several reasons to use, such as; "Merchandise Received not as Advertised". Keep all your receipts. Find out what that company has for a Return Policy.

I have done this and got a full refund. If you are not sure how to do it, call them and they will advise you what you need, or email them.

Good luck

Barb :D

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I am sorry you have had a problem such as this, and I hope you get your money back. I would file a complaint on them even if the money was refunded.

Thanks for the warning!

I learned many years (30-35 yrs) ago to not trust an outfit with liquidators in their name, (or liquidated merchandise). I bought some things at a bricks and mortar store, including some small kitchen appliance (I have forgotten what it was now), and found out after the item broke, that the warranty was no good on liquidated merchandise, and of course the store was out of business by then. sigh!!! In those days money was tight for us too, so it really hurt. I hate getting taken by anyone over anything.

I hope you get you money back. By the way, I think that even online outfits have to follow "truth in advertising" laws. So if they did not state the batteries were used than it was deceptive. Notify the Attorney General of the state the outfit is in, to file that complaint. Also if you order merchandise and for whatever reason, the company cant send it to you, they have to tell you within 30 days when they will send it after not received with order. Just stating it is on backorder is not enough, they have to tell you when they will ship it. Those are federal laws.

I am all in favor of shopping at local good stores, if at all possible. First you save on postage (both ways if you have to return something), and you have a place to go to whenever there is a problem with the item. Plus you get to see, feel, and check out the merchandise thoroughly. I do order some things by phone from companies I know to be good. But always comparatively factoring in the shipping and handling charges, and possible return shipping/inconvenience cost, to see if the local store's sometimes higher cost isn't just as good a deal.

God bless everyone.

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Update: Here is the (in my opinion) RUDE email I got back from them:

First, the batteries are not used. They are inserted into

a charger and

then tested. They are new.

As far as an item out of stock, that is normal for a

liquidator. Our

stock comes and goes quickly and we do our best to try to

keep the

website up to date, but sometimes we slip.

For the phone number...we are an online company and prefer

to have all

correspondence via email for auditing and for a

communications history.

If you want to return what you purchased, you are always

welcome to send

the item(s) back.


Customer Service

[email protected]

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I know it's a little too late, but NEVER deal with anyone that does not have an address, phone # and email. Read their RETURN POLICY. You usually have to request an RMA (return merchandise authorization) this is standard.

When you check them out, and you cannot find anything on them, deal with someone else. Do like tenmm says, check "resellerratings.com" I use them all the time.

Sorry, I hope you get your money back. Good luck.


P.S. If you do send them back, make sure you send them return receipt request. get a signature that they received them.

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