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this is my first time using Linux KNOPPIX (Live CD) it looked amazing and I had fun with the toys and checking out all of the options it had and what I could do but I have no sound with Knoppix, works on XP but not with Linux can someone tell me why it wont? or how I could fix this problem

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what is the computer..

need more information..

most laptop share sound card with modem.. works great with winders as the driver was written to..

in linux where hte laptop makers have made no effort for linux.. you need to shut off the modem in the bios and sound should work..

if not do this and post if

cat /proc/pci

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sorry.. I should remember

for knoppix..

open a terminal.. there are several ways..

type sudo su (this makes you super user... or what we call root.. the su means switch user)

then type cat /proc/pci

post the output.

the cat command is like echo in dos or the type command (more like type)

in UNIX (this same thing works for Mac osX) the /proc folder is where it stores everything it finds hardware wise.. so we say cat /proc/pci because your soudn card is on the pci bus. this way we can see if A It saw the sound card.. and be what it thinks your soudn card is.. this will help us figure out what driver you need. Unlike windows where you say I have a sound blaster .. what ever.. the maker really made more than one type of chip for a model. Since most manufacutres refuse to maek drivers for linux.. we have to get the chip makers drivers.. almost all chip makers put out linux driver (most only to the chip buyers, I just learnd this, and they make windows drivers.. so why not release linux drivers to everyone..???). you can also do this

sudo su


and see if your sound card is muted..

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