Online Casino, Geocities, And Waledac

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Online Casino, Geocities, and Waledac

by Jonell Baltazar (Advanced Threats Researcher)

Deviating from Conficker/Downad update and jigsaw puzzle menace, Waledac updated its spam emails and is now spamming online casino advertisements.

The spammed email contains a URL link to a Yahoo! Geocities web page which is shown in Figure 4, and when the link “Play now” is clicked, it shows a casino related image ad as shown in Figure 5.

There is no activity seen where Waledac is seeding URLs that links to a new Waledac binary for this specific spam run, but our radars are actively monitoring for this event. The following spam emails however, are now blocked by the Smart Protection Network.

TrendMicro for screenshots -

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