Hemp Factory

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hi team just read this on news text

in liechtenstien. [not sure where that is]

farmers were feeding the cattle on hemp.

and it was getting into the milk..

so the goverment clamped down on the amount of t.h.c levels.in the milk

and instructed the farmers to stop feeding at a certain level.

who ever thought of milk giving you the giggles.

wouldn that be an ideal pot factory.

my we live and learn .

any posters want to buy a cow.


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yes i think the item was hightlighting the shortage of feed at this time of the year and they had to revert to .mariwana.

so it nust be legal to grow it in that country.

by the way i found that country is in eastern europe

not sure why i thought of africa as soon as i read it.

the thc is the amount of gigle substance in the plant


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sorry bout that .

see what that article has done to me.

getting back to cows.

my first job after stopped going to school was milking cows .

at first it was by hand .seven of us

but once the industry became automated .

we became redudant .

i was a bit sad at the time.i love any thig to do with.

being a cowboy.

however time marches on .

we had one breed of cows.ayashire .

i dont think that breed is around now .

they keep modifing.

the breed. more milk and better class of bi products


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