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Hello all :)

Just wanted to tell you that as of last week, I have the IBM Netfinity from our office on my local network. I have configured the user accounts as necessary, and have been working on the apache setup. I set up the httpd.conf in /etc/apache to respond to the following domain:


This domain will be maintained on the server, and when I am ready, I will continue to work on locking her down and send her back to the office, where my friend will assign me a static IP address for the above domain. buddy-baker.us is my development server, so I can "play with" linux by doing all of the admin tasks, and maintain the server here for the time being, and the deal is I have to remove requested files from the server, and send them back to the office for retrieval from thier internal machines.

My question is this: is there a way to set up a "bulletproof" address that will respond to the server's name and IP address if these are somewhat dynamic? I know that VZ/Fairpoint will change these around a little every so often, so what I want to do is place 192.x.1.45 in the DMZ so that it will respond to a corresponding VZ/Fairpoint public address, this way, I can point my domain to it, and users can see the page on the internet, and have SSH/SFTP/FTP access from the net? I want to configure this so I can work on it here, and then just comment out the local stuff when we move her back to the office.

I want to be able to use this machine for a while locally without the machine seeming to lockup, and I have an admin that could ssh down to assist me locally if I could stablize the connection so it won't require a reboot. Once I get the machine the way I want it, can secure it, and update it, I can have it moved back to the office and configured for that connection, and then I can ssh to it.

I already have the domains buddy-baker.us and brian-baker.us, regestered through godaddy, and can point them to whereever, I just need to stablize the connections. I may want to install wordpress too, so I can blog - The idea here is I will be the admin of the server, while my friend maintains the network the machine is on :)

Can someone give me an idea of how this can be done safely??

Thanks Guys and Gals ;)


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MonoWall Supports these directly.. Some Other firewall and router solutions also support.

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which client service are you using?

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