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As much as I lobbied FOR a political forum in the beginning, I think I'll be avoiding that forum topic now that it's been created. I've been so overcome by the absolute insanity surrounding politics of late I've been avoiding the topic whenever possible.* I actually remember a time when you could have a conversation about politics, sometimes slightly heated, but now even that seems to be impossible. I don't know if it's actually worse than before, or if I've just now noticed it, or what. :unsure:

OK, maybe I'll read it. :lol:


* I've stopped visiting one forum entirely, I've skipped reading some newsletters I subscribe to (I'm about a month behind, I save them, but only read them when there's little else to do), and I've practically stopped commenting on the topic on other blogs. Plus, I turn off the TV or radio when I see/hear something that, IMO, is entirely outrageous. I thought that stuff would taper off or stop, but it's apparently become the accepted norm.

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