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That first guy who got famous for coordinated Christmas lighting should get residuals from TSO -- He made them insanely popular. I have a Christmas album from them but not because of that video, it was on a recommendation a long time ago from ... wait for it ... Rush Limbaugh.

I was watching My Name Is Earl and they played a Donovan song in the background, which got me to wanting to hear some, and that led to a 60's/70's/80's day of music:


Boy George

Cat Stevens

David Bowie

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Janis Joplin


And because it was nearby:

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris's recent duet album.


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Didn't really feel like listening to anything in my library so I went onto my favorite radio stations site and am streaming it right now. 102.9 The Buzz "Everything That Rocks" Nashville, TN

Last Song:

Trapt - Headstrong

Currently playing:


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Usually, every year I load up my twenty-five disc changer with Christmas CDs (yes, I have more than enough to fill 'er up) and play that all day long as background music. Didn't feel much like it this year.

There are a couple of new-ish Christmas CDs I want, but my "source" hasn't lowered their price enough yet so I've been YouTubing Christmas carols whenever I get in the mood.

One mildly interesting result: A friend of mine, whose musical tastes are similar to mine, bought and played (someone called ) Rascal Flats. Country. OK, we're not exactly the same. IMO, a bunch of yodeling. Yee-haw! (Don't tell him I said that!)

Anyway, there was a Christmas song on there, done a cappela, and it sounded good. I promised I'd listen/watch Rascal Flats on YouTube, maybe I'd change my mind. Found that Christmas song, and the SAME song done by others. Great! I can compare them.

Josh Groban? Impossibly powerful voice, but it made the song sound like opera.

Then I found Michael Bublé's version. He blew everyone else away. Kinda surprising. :)

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Chara - Aoi Kakera

Can't believe that I hated this song when I first heard it as the OP theme of an anime. I think the way the singer sang bugged me at first but now I absolutely love this song.

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... The radio. Currently Jesus Jones, Personal Jesus.

Related Story: Buying this CD was the first time I encountered a snooty record store clerk (the snooty record store clerk has since become a cliche).

I commented something-or-other while purchasing the CD and the clerk said something to the effect of, "I used to listen to Jesus Jones, before they sold out and become popular."

Well, thanks for the useless personal information there Bucky. :rolleyes:

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Willie Nelson & Friends: Stars & Guitars , a live performance from 2002.

With appearances by:

Ryan Adams (uh, not-so-great)

Jon Bon Jovi (surprisingly good performance there)

Sheryl Crow

Bill Evans

Vince Gill (OK)

Patty Griffin (Don't know her, great performance)

Emmylou Harris (I worship her)

Norah Jones

Toby Keith (old-school country voice -- I liked it!)

Matchbox Twenty (good job on that one)

Brian McKnight

Aaron Neville (a little too gra--a--a--a--ating)

Ray Price

Keith Richards

Richie Sambora (good performance)

Rob Thomas (another good one)

Hank Williams III

Lee Ann Womack

Got it for under three bucks, unfortunately my source for CDs is closing down soon. :(

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Man, I need to download the Xam'd of the Lost Memories singles. They are pretty good.

Boom Boom Satellites - Shut Up and Explode (Xam'd OP)


Kylee - Vacancy (Xam'd ED)

Both are in English and that Kylee girl is obviously not Japanese. 1: The name 2: Perfect English. It was the same for the girl who performed the Kuroshitsuji ED song. Her name was Becca. I looked her up and she was American (and white to boot) but for some reason was on a Japanese label and her music doesn't seem to be available here.

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Boy I'm glad that 1. I don't live in an apartment and 2. that no one else is home right now cause I've been blasting music for that last 20 minutes that you can hear in the basement 2 floors down and my sub shakes the floor like crazy.

My list so far:

Tommy heavenly6 - PAPERMOON

Tommy heavenly6 - Ruby Shoes

Horie Yui - silky heart

Kawada Mami - masterpiece

Kawada Mami - jellyfish


BOOM BOOM SATELLITES - What Goes Around Comes Around

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES - Shut Up and Explode

Kylee - VACANCY (I absolutely LOVE this song, one of the few that make me think back on the anime it's from)

savage genius - JUST TUNE

savage genius - Mizu no Wakusei


Just about all of these except for maybe NAGARE-BOSHI are kinda bass heavy not to mention I have a SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series sound card using X-Fi Enhancements outputting to a chambered Logitech Z4 sub. I can only imagine what it'd be like if I was using my brothers professional grade monitors (speakers not screens) and massive sub he uses for his recording. I could embarrass people with systems in their cars if I had my brother's stuff.

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When I finished building my first stereo I proudly cranked her up and listened for quite a while to the glorious sound. Umm, my brother-in-law peeped into my bedroom with a stern look on his face -- I forgot he was sleeping. :blush:

I worked nights when I lived in an apartment so I could crank 'er up all day long 'cause everybody else was toiling away at work. Ha!


Yesterday: Johnny Cash (he was also featured in that Dane Cook movie -- guess I'm easily influenced).

Today: Assorted Blues songs.


So I get an e-mail from the music club with their now typical "Buy 1 Get 4 Free" offer (works out to about six bucks per). I'm Jonesin' for some new music so I spend an hour searching their catalog and -- I found ONE CD I wanted. "We do not currently carry any titles by that artist, try these alternatives." Over and over and over.

I found five others I want, but they don't qualify as "free" selections. Bah! No wonder they're closing their doors. :angry:

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Since my "source" is closing their doors soon I went a little crazy and ordered a bunch (~$6.00 per).

Favorite artist of all time:

B.B. King (3 disk set)

Recent CDs:

The Killers

Michael Buble

Older CDs:

The Chemical Brothers


Basement Jaxx

The Verve

Daft Punk



Once they arrive you'll know what I'm listening to. :thumbsup:

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Every time I start new animes, I wait a few weeks into the season and usually the singles for their OP and ED songs will be out. Since you can't buy them in the US, I have to download them.

Normally when I buy CD's that are available in the US, I go to a local CD shop or Best Buy. The local CD shop is a bit pricey though.

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My mom got me a few CD's for my birthday. They were kinda random. My mom could only think of one band at the moment that she knew for sure I wanted something from and it was Disturbed. She got me Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists. Since I knew I'd like it, I decided to try the other two she got me first.

I've heard of one of the groups and am unsure about the other. She was trying to see if I'd like them. Maroon 5 is the one I'm unsure of. The album was called "It Won't Be Soon Before Long". I popped it into the PC and listened to a few tracks. It was OK but since I was in a mood to rock out, it wasn't settin too well with me. The other I got was All-American Rejects - When the World Comes Down. It's OK too but still ain't quite settin with me either. They both are too poppish for me (yet I LOVE Jpop, go figure. Actually Jpop is infinitely different than Western pop). I get tired of both very quickly. I'm bout to pop in the Disturbed CD and I can almost guarantee you I'll love it.

For western music, it's just gotta rock. J-music, well it's kinda random what I like.

Oh, and just put the Disturbed CD in.... yes. I'm loving it. Metal has always been my main thing.

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and I still jump right back to the Jrock/Jpop. It's just better nighttime music:

Charmmy Queen - Miracle Plan ga Dekichatta!

Charmmy Queen - Lesson! Lesson!

Little Non - Juicy Extacy

Little Non - Dreaming, Dreaming, Smiling

Kuribayashi Minami - sympathizer

Kuribayashi Minami - Sora no Kotae

Tommy heavenly6 - PAPERMOON

Tommy heavenly6 - Ruby Shoes

Diggy-MO' - Bakusou Yumeta

Diggy-MO' - Challenger

Diggy-MO' - Unchain

abingdon boys school - STRENGTH

abingdon boys shcool - Freedom

Kawada Mami - masterpiec

Kawada Mami - jellyfish

my playlist for now.

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