Wanted: Verizon Phone

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Hey everyone!

I'd like to put out a request for a verizon phone. Something that doesn't look like it has too much wear, and that is fairly modern.

Also, the charger and a working battery should be included please! Also, a picture or two would be very helpful.

I'd like to spend at most $30 on it...And I'll pay for shipping or whatever. I need a phone to either give to my grandparents, or get a cooler phone than the one that I currently have, and give that one to my grandparents.

So let me know, through PM if you have a spare phone that you would be willing to give away or sell.

I appreciate it!


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You could also look to see if there are any good deals on Verizon Phones on Ebay - Just be careful to look for phones that have batteries and chargers with them, as you stated that it is an important thing. I think the last time I looked for UNLOCKED (I have Unicel) phones, I found one for $100 or so. You can also look for UNLOCKED phones to see if there are any available at a good price.

Good Luck!!


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