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hey guys, I need help. Here is the scenario; I happily just completed editing a film I was working on in imovie(08). As usual, I exported it to media browser. Now, this is a slow process,( running on a macbook) but that is not what bothers me. My problem comes from idvd. The film was about 10 mins. I proceeded to burn my idvd project that had a simple menu( nothing crazy) and boom it tells me it will take a whopping 22 hours. At firs I thought" oh, well usually the time aprox. is wrong for a few minutes until it gets situated.

After an hour, I said forget it! This problem is reoccurring. Every time I try to burn it always takes ridiculous amount s of time. I do understand that it is not the burning that takes time, but the rendering and encoding. The idvd app itself is very beefy. Almost always it crashes( this is without any other app open) Please help me!!

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I still use imovie 6 HD, don't really like 08. I'm guessing you have all the updates. I know 08 will let you work with many file types and convert and render edits when your done this can take a long time.

Can you save the movie in a high quality quicktime format without sending it to iDVD?

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Yea, I understand it happening in iDVD but both iDVD and iMovie use quicktime to encode. If you can encode using imovie and it takes say 10 minutes but 22 hours in iDVD then we can be sure it's iDVD. But if you encode in high quality with imovie and it takes 22 hours and crashes then it may be quicktime. Also if iMovie can encode as a DVD quality then import it into iDVD and see if it works ok.

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