First Aa Meeting

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Story told by Earl, a newcomer at his first AA meeting...

I was at buddy's house and had too much to drink. Everybody

offered to drive me home, but I said, "No, I only live a mile away."

I got about 5 blocks when the police pulled me over. They made

me get out of the car and I could hardly stand up. One of the cops says,

"I want you to walk a straight line." Right, like I can do that.

Then, the radio in the cop car goes off sayin' there's a burglary in

progess, and it's right around the corner, so the cops tell me to stay

put, and they take off runnin'. I waited a couple minutes, then I thought,

hell, I might as well go. I got in the car and drove home.

I told my wife if anybody came by and asked for me, that I'd

been in bed all day with the flu. So, in about a hour, here come the cops

knocking on my door. I forgot they still had my drivers license. My wife said I

was home all day with the flu.

Then they asked if they could look in my garage, and she let's


That's when they found their squad car with the lights still

flashin'. And here I am.

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That brings back memories of my first night of drunk driver class. We were asked to relate why we were arrested for DWI. One guy stood up and said he was arrested because the cops were called to the bar he was at due to a disturbance. The disturbance was his wife smashing into his car while he was leaving the bar drunk then running over him when he got out of his car, with her car. Even though she ran over him then backed up and ran over him again he got back in his car and started to drive off when the cops arrived. He was charged with DWI and she was charged with vehicular assault.

He figured he messed up when she called the bar and told him she would pick him up and not to drive. He told her no. It was his third conviction. The last I knew he was still with her. :huh:

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