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Oh my God! If I could write like that I woulda made the starting bid a bit higher. There are a lot of guys out there that "THINK" they're sexy looking... *Visions of jelly bellied, stud wannabes leaning on shovels, drinking lemonade....*

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Yup, Sultan, that is the reason I've never bought an Ebay item, though I use the site for researching items and prices (still looking for a "guess value" on my antique tea set, just curious as to what it's worth!). I don't think this gal meant any harm since her opening bid was $1 and she hasn't had any bids yet.

And yes, I do wonder what happened to the other $20,000 with the guy they busted?? But nice to know some scammers are getting caught!


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From 9 AM till Noon one of our tv channels have judge shows on (like Judge Judy). Anymore, half of them are about EBay fraud or cell phones. (getting a friend or family member a phone and they don't pay)

One person sold pictures of a cell phone for $200.00 on EBay. Not the actual phone, just the pictures. They said they never said anything about a real phone in the ad. They were just selling the picture of it. (of course they never said it was a picture either). The courts didn't think it was to funny.

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I've made 3 purchases from people with storefronts on eBay with good results, but I do check them out. I see to much of a chance to get screwed from an individual. Example: a guy on another forum thought he got a great deal on a flat screen monitor until he went to hook it up. He found out it was an early model (though well sought after) and needed a special card or pass-thru device to work. Of course it hasn't been made in 7 years and the price for one is 3 times the amount of what he paid for the monitor. He contacted the seller and he said he was only selling the monitor but he did have the other part if he wanted to buy it. Need I say more


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i love ebay, i use it a lot. in fact, im selling my DS on it as i we type (kinda like, "as we speak", but only, typing). i have in fact had only 2 of about 30 total experiences that were "mess-ups" one, i bought a sega genesis CDX (sega genesis that plays both cartridge and CD games) for about $30. got it, it was broken, emailed guy, got our money back. Then i bought a Halo 2 black "elite" that came, the left leg had broken in either packaging or shipping (it was new in box). Emailed the guy, got our money back. Besides those, ive bought tons of things, another (working) genesis after the broken one, a gamecube, a dreamcast, a sega master a PSP, many assortments in toys, etc. ive sold my gamecube, and my N64, and am now selling my DS, and with the money i plan on getting either a grease gun airsoft gun, mp40 airsoft gun, or a camcorder, probably from ebay.

I must say, I love ebay, and the few problems ive had has not annoyed me, nor turned me off of ebay one bit. All you gotta do is look closely at the pictures, try to only buy where it shows of actual item, not a stock photo, read description carefully, check rating, and when negatives on rating, see why, might be other persons fault.


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