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I just signed a $10,800 one year lease for my computer repair shop. Even if the added expense of the location does not create enough business to make my monthly lease payment and utilitys I will be ok. We have some equity in our house if need be to pay the bills. I am really excited.

Now i need to by some new equipment, Maybe I will build my first Raid 5 array :-)

One other big expense will be for a new sign. Supposedly the road I am on has 18,000 cars drive down it per day. I personally think is false, it is just single lane, but it is a busy street.

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So long as the location generates $300/week in extra business, I will be breaking even on the added expense. I am already spending $1000/month on yellow page ads. They currently do not have an address listed because it is my home. I think having the address on the ads will make them more efficient. I also think I will be able to sell some computers. I can keep a nice new custom build on display, plus have my older used computers on display also. Of course I will be getting extra drive by advertising.

I know i have lost business because I am working from home. People associate that with inexperience(kind of true). I will feel more confident with clients because of the location.

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that sounds awesome

hope you get plenty of biz

please keep us posted

in nz there isnt many that start up private practice in compts

it is all done by the bigger companys

and it costys plenty

so you are in a dimension of your own

again good luck

if i lived there i would patronise you


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Good Job Buddy!

Yes...a Virtual Storefront is Exactly what you need too!

I now do most of my shopping online and a good website will bring in some much needed business, maybe you can start selling parts online. There are many Cable, Case, and other parts makers who are looking for more retail resellers for their products and the parts business is a huge aspect of computers today since most folks do allot of their own building too.

I know I've run across a number of manufacturers this last few weeks as I've been searching for my parts, that use resellers exclusively and are looking for more. (Mad Dog Multimedia Cables for one, Thermaltake for another).

Something else, have a look at NZXT Cases for display and sales. They're fast becoming one of the premier cases in the modding scene. Most all reviews rate them among the top 5 cases made ad the prices are great, maybe you could be their dealer for your area?? Depends on how much you want to expand outwards, but I think an online shop with good parts and shipping will really help bring business in the door too, plus $$ into the account.

LOL...I remember when you started all this...you were going to charge $20 or so to rid folks of malware with HJT or sumthing along those lines...look at you now!!

I told you that I had seen soooo many others say they were going to make money that way before and never heard from them about it again, and I was a bit skeptical when you started saying that. I'll be the first one to say that I was WRONG this time, and I'll Gladly eat Crow!!! I'm VERY Proud of what you've accomplished my frend, and I hope you can make this thing take off big time!! You deserve it after all the hard work you've put into this. WTG!!!

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Having a nice stable location is also key to getting commercial business. That seems to be where lots of the money is. My friend works at a competing shop(hes good and is ready to come help me if needed). They just got an order to custom build 20 xp pro machines to replace all of the business computers in their business. I at home, would have a tough time getting jobs like that.

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4 sure Shane!

Not many companies will do business with someone who works out of the house, they think that they may be unreliable or "fly-by-night"'rs or sumthin along those lines. Having an actual Store location shows that you've got investment in this now and will work reliably to ensure that you don't lose it.

Get some nice cards made up now and get them circulating out there. Those little puppies are Great at drumming up business! Take out a 1/2 page ad in the local paper with your "Grand Opening" announcement, and offer a 10% discount or something, to new customers...get those people thru the door! Offer a discount on custom builds, or half off of Tune-Ups for now...anything to get feet trampling into your new doorway...that's how you'll get growing, but you should to do something to get it started.

Best of Luck my friend!!

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