Floods In Texas

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Yah, hope Pete's OK too.

We had 3 Tornado watches last week as a really powerful bunch of systems came thru back to back. Tornado's hit south and east of us but we just got one Torrential downpouring is all..

I guess there's no more questioning this Global Warming stuff anymore is there. The weather patterns have changed drastically all over, and much faster than they ever predicted it could. Now we have to see if we can slow it down so our kid's kids don't grow up in a giant Snowball of a planet! The tipping point is very close and it won't take much to drive it over the edge. We were only lucky that the last Ice Age didn't engulf the entire planet and be permanent as well, it was a bit of good fortune that saved the planet that time, but I don't think we'll be so lucky this time.

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Hey, fewer people believe in God or Mother Nature any more, gotta blame SOMETHING when the weather turns bad. (My smart-alecky way of saying it's way too soon to be blaming MMCC for weather.)

I too recall many previous floods, I hope everyone's as safe as possible during this bout. I couldn't believe it when they said they're in for another week of rain. And doesn't all this water eventually flow into the Mississippi? Like New Orleans needs high water ...

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Gee, I hope our friend Pete C. and others living down there are doing ok. You are all in my thoughts.

Doing just fine. I had to put off a trip to the big mall out by the airport the other day . I hit some road debris and it put a hole in my oil filter which I discovered just as we were setting out to go to the JC Penny Outlet store. So I changed the filter and then watched the news and found out that if I had gone the direct route I would have been stuck in traffic for hours. Seems that the Trinity river was over 30 feet deep (the levees are 2000 feet apart and 62 feet tall so that is a lot of water but well below danger level) but someone forgot to close the gates on the storm drain for a section of the freeway and the river had backed up and flooded it. Took em till the next day to get things switched from the direct drain into the normally dry floodplain to the sump where a pump will pump the water up and over the levee into the river.

Most of the problem is that people see how hot and dry it is here usually and they have in floodplains over the years. Given how much land there is in Texas and how small the floodplain areas are I fail to see why. You can even check out a property in or near a floodplain area to see if the 5 year (this is considered a five year flood, one which reaches this level comes every five years or so) , ten, twenty, hundred or five hundred year flood level encompasses it online .

What really gets me is all the fools who have been flooded out and yet rebuild without any changes. Why when a five year flood pours into your house would you repair the house and move back in without putting it up on piers to be above the flood level? Why are they even allowed to do this? Then there are those who live in flood prone areas which the city or county has offerred to buy out and convert the area into a use which can take the flooding (parks for example or one area they plan to build a police training acadamy with the buildings appropriately elevated ) who refused offers to be bought out even though they were offerred more than market value and a moving allowance; because they wanted more money and now they are whining that the city and county have done nothing to protect them.

Like Bubba said, if it ain't hot and dry in Texas in the summer , it is rainy and muggy . Give it time and it will pass and be forgotten.

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It dried out a bunch, only scattered showers for several days, but we had some widespread brief rain yesterday. It sure was nice to have a high of 85 when they had predicted 97 and so far we haven't reached 100, while last year there were already fifteen 100 plus degree days by this time.

Looks like we may have some more rain over the next week, but the sun is so hot that a couple days starts to dry everything out (well it took three days for the back yard to dry out enough that I did not have to wash the dogs before they came in after the big rains ended). Whereas normally by this time of year the trees are starting to drop leaves to conserve water, and the grass on the roadside is all brown and a fire danger; this year everything is lush and green. I can live with that.

More time for indoor projects. I made a plywood and 2x4 base for my LazyBoy style rocking reclining arm chair so that I could put it on casters, attached it and put on the casters so now I can roll my armchair around rather than having to get up and lift and drag and reposition it . A swivel mount would have been nice, but since the casters swivel this will do.

Considering tearing out some carpet to expose the hardwood floors , it is pretty old and needs to come out eventually whether it is recarpeted or I go with the hardwoods and rugs.

Pot Roast day again today.

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