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Hi Matt,

That is a good idea. But I don't have enough people who are trianned let alone enough people to be classroom teachers here. If I get enough trianned people who are willing to be classroom teachers then yes I would do it. But as of now I don't have the staff to be able too. Good idea though.


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I agree. I also thing we should just keep it down to the few places where HJT classrooms already are for now. I think it would be best to make sure there are enough trustworthy and knowledgeable experts before branching out too much.

I know my journey through the HJT classroom may be a bit slow and long journey due to school starting back up, but I look forward to the learning process.

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I agree with what Nerelda has said - I'm a part of the HJT Classrooms over at TC right now (though I'm going a bit slow cause I'm doing it all at work), and having one place where the experts go is good.

But, I do like that there are a LOT of people whose opinion I value at this board...

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