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I just want to let everyone who owns a cell phone what to expect. On January 1st, 2005. They are going to make cell phone numbers open to telemarketers. And for those of you who have to pay for incomming calls, you could lose alot of minutes. Not saying all the hassels with them.

So be sure to get on the Do Not Call registry, you will have to do this with a cell phone, even if you have done it with your home phone.

Here is the link to sign up.


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Hey all,

local news service here in Iowa contacted the FCC about that email that is circulating about this subject. According to the FCC Telemarketers are not allowed to call cell phones because they cost the cell phone owner for every call.

The FCC did make a quote saying "if you still think that your cell phone will be called by telemarketers go ahead and register your cell phone on the do not call list. However it is not required due to the fact that Cell phone numbers are not listed on calling lists that the telemarketers recieve."

So make your own decision as to what you want to do, however with us being charged for cell phone minutes per call it is completely up to you do pay for having your cell phone placed on the do not call list.

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Thanks for the update Efwis, I just received said e-mail the other day, and thought I would pass on what it referred to. I hope they don't give out the list, But you can register your cell phone on the internet link I gave without calling if anyone want to be sure.

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For several reasons my cell phone is my home/work phone.

I have been on a no call list for sometime now,but I have received two call's that went to my voice mail.

Both where deleted and I have not heard from them again.


Good heads up.


Great information for those who need to know.


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I have only got 1 in 5 years of cell service. :lol:

I actually answered it, auto answer was on when my head set was plugged in, Once I figured out who was calling I stopped them in their "Canned" speech and requested this persons supervisor (he was only doing his job). Once i got a supervisor I demanded TOTAL monthly cell bill reimbursement for I have been put on hold for 18 minutes and a phone number I could call them at. this stupified the supervisor and he appologized but he knew I was right, at the time the 720 area code they called was STRICKLY a denver CELL area code. I have never recieved a check nor another telemarketing call

Moral: FIGHT BACK!!!!!! and right then!!!! :angry:

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