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    My daughter....... daughters on Sept 8th. ANOTHER Mooch enters the world!!!
  1. damoochr

    Fido Puzzle

    cool huh ... choose the 3 digit number 666 or any repetitive number , say 9999......
  2. damoochr

    Cell Phones

    I have only got 1 in 5 years of cell service. I actually answered it, auto answer was on when my head set was plugged in, Once I figured out who was calling I stopped them in their "Canned" speech and requested this persons supervisor (he was only doing his job). Once i got a supervisor I demanded TOTAL monthly cell bill reimbursement for I have been put on hold for 18 minutes and a phone number I could call them at. this stupified the supervisor and he appologized but he knew I was right, at the time the 720 area code they called was STRICKLY a denver CELL area code. I have never re
  3. Love the look and feel of the board. I hope to be quite active after my second daughter is born on sept 8th. Keep up the great work Mooch